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Permanent Revolution. Ukrainian Art Today


Ludwig Museum, Budapest


The first major presentation of the Ukrainian contemporary art scene in Hungary is a special occasion to look into the vibrant art of a country full of tensions, which is still largely in the blind spot of the European cultural area. The exhibition “Permanent Revolution” aims at exploring today's Ukrainian art in a historic moment when people are building “aesthetic” and “conceptual” barricades in the main square of the country; barricades, which might make

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Мистецька праця. ART WORK

29.06-30.07.2017, 21.09-25.10.2017

Wroclaw, Poland (September 21 - October 25, 2017)


Kyiv (June 29 to July 30, 2017), in the Art Arsenal


Exhibition of Ukrainian and Polish contemporary art


The project presents

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BRUSSELS. Roman Minin

Mhaata Gallery

Ouverte en mars 2017 dans le quartier des Marolles, la galerie mhaata accueille au mois de juin une exposition temporaire consacrée à l’artiste ukrainien Roman Minin, présenté pour la première fois en Belgique. Peintre, graphiste mais aussi auteur d'installations scénographiques et graffeur, il est aujourd'hui une des figures majeures de l'art contemporain en Ukraine.

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Private Collection. Contemporary Ukrainian Artists.

10.07 - 25.08.2017

Modern Art Research Institute, Kyiv


Works for the exposition provided by collectors:


Igor Abramovych, Zenko Aftanaziv, Ludmila Bereznitska, Victor Gordeev, Igor Voronov, Yuriy Kogutiak, Konstantin Kozemyaka, Oksana Kurenna, Boris Lozhkіn and Nadia Shalomova, Oleksander Milyukov, Liudmyla and Andrii Pyshnyi, Leonid Sobolev, Mykhailo Tsariov, Igor Vlasov


List of artists: 


Nazar Bilyk, Sergey Bratkov, Yana Bystrova, Illya Chichkan, Lucien

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13.06.2017 - 16.07.2017

Lviv Palace of Arts, Ukraine


Zenko Foundation presents a large-scale exhibition Show Promise at the Lviv Palace of Arts


Curators of the project: Igor Abramovych, Oleksander Solovyov


Participating artists: Nazar Bilyk, Oleg Voronko, Anatoliy Gankevich, Igor Gusev, Yuriy Efanov, Gamlet Zinkovskiy, Vlodko Kaufman, Yulia Kysil, Pavlo Kerestey, Alina Kleitman, Rostyslav Koterlin, Anton Logov, Oleksa Mann, Roman Minin, Borys Mykhailov, Roman

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Paradise Museum

14.02 - 26.03.2017



Art-space ArtUkraine Gallery





A joint exhibition of the three famous Ukrainian artists: Oleg Tistol, Mykola Matsenko and Roman Minin.


"Contemporary art is the logistics of meanings" say the artists and immediately invite the viewer to play with meanings, starting with the very title of the project.


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Recipe for Utopia

22.08 - 09.22.2016

Modern Art Research Institute, Shchors (Konovalets) st., 18-D




Ukrainian artists explore the ideals of modern society, art project.

"Today, almost anyone can offer a recipe for utopia, but the question is what will happen if it is put into practice: will it really be a Heaven on Earth?" - says project manager Igor Abramovich.


Project manager: Igor Abramovich.

Curators: Andriy Sydorenko and Oleksandr Halepa.


Members of the "Recipe

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