The Challenge of the New May

This painting opens a new series of works addressing the challenge of the new time. The new MAY, the new PEACE, the new WORK. Adapting to drastic changes is never easy, especially when it’s the whole new world that we are facing, and the new lifestyle of contemporary humankind. The new tangles of fates, the new experiences, the new neural connections; these are the challenge of the new time.

The proposed series of paintings intertwines the mythologized miners’ work with the ancient culture of the Maya people and its mysterious history. The Mayans didn’t survive the rapid change of eras and unprecedented challenges, but their cultural legacy is overwhelming in its monumental power. I love the monumental art of Central and North America, with which I feel creative affinity. My artist’s instinct tells me that, much like the Mayans back in the day, we are now facing the challenge of the new time, “the new May.”