Dmitriy Grek - Insight


Insight explores the inner world of a human being, all the never-ending emotions and thought processes hidden behind the external façade. The metal curls into circles, denoting the search for answers to deep internal questions, the procession of conscious, partly conscious or altogether obscure thoughts and images. Their movement is unpredictable and chaotic, they come in snippets or get tangled into whirls. There comes a moment though when thoughts become bright and clear, even if nobody can predict when that time might come. The sculpture documents this process of reaching clarity that comes with that moment of enlightenment. The expression of the character’s face shows concentration and focus necessary to plunge into the world of one’s own thoughts in search of answers. The expressive texture of the bronze surface looks like rain rills left by the flowing water, which symbolizes the flow of time and experience that comes with looking intensely inwards through creation or embracing emotions. The texture gives the sense of temporarily, stressing the stretch between the beginning of the thought’s course and its finale.


The author worked hard to depart from the polished look of a manmade object and ensure that the texture would look like a natural surface produced by water and wind over the years.