People live here

21.12. 2023 - 21.02.2024

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has launched the exhibition projec This is Our Land. The project consists of separate...

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White and Black


National Academy of Arts of Ukraine
The works are presented by artists including Nazar Bilyk, Yuriy Vakulenko, Oleksandr Dubovyk, Olesia Dzhuraieva, Oleksandr Zhyvotkov,...

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Spaces. Boundaries. Borders

29.09 - 5.10.2023

National Center Ukrainian House
In the project Spaces. Boundaries. Borders, the Ukrainian House invites you on a reflective journey through the multifaceted nature of...

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Ukrainian Collage

11.08 - 06.09.2023

Kyiv Picture Gallery
On August 11th at 17:00, the "Ukrainian Collage" exhibition will open at the "Kyiv Picture Gallery" museum, featuring works by several generations of...

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My History. 32 Years of Independence

09.08 - 05.11.23

Kyiv City History Museum
The exhibition will showcase the history of Ukraine through the language of visual images. In a single exhibition space, 32 art objects...

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12.07.2023 - On going

National Academy of Arts of Ukraine
The extensive exhibition project "Concentration of Will" is being held across three organizing institutions: the first stage...

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Concentration of the Will

11.05.2023 - 31.08.2023

Modern Art Research Institute
Nothing awakens the will like the threat of a brutal violation of personal and cultural boundaries. Therefore, the concentration of will...

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UNFOLDING LANDSCAPES – Landscape and Poetics in Contemporary Ukrainian

30.10 - 20.11.2022

 Art Kunst(Zeug)Haus, Switzerland
In UNFOLDING LANDSCAPES, we celebrate several generations of artists exploring the topology and psycho-geography of their...

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Sculpture by the Sea, Ukraine Showcase

21.10 – 7.11.2022

Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia
Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi will showcase artworks by sculptors from the Ukraine as a highlight of this year’s exhibition and...

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